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Like a delicate cherry blossom blooming towards the sun, I hope your spring is a delightful one. Happy Spring!

Delivered to Marini's on 57 for an Amethyst-themed Birthday celebration.

Hello again!

Okay, so it's 2016 and my last post was on 2014. Whoops! Yes, I'm so super duper sorry for not updating my blog for the past... 2 years. Good news is that I'm finally blogging again! (sort of) Bad news is that I don't have a website yet. My little PA, Noelle, has been caught up with college so yeah, she's working on it! Currently we're working on redesigning my brand elements. Us being fickle-minded duos, we've been trying out plenty of new designs and yet to finalize everything. Slowly but surely!

As you can see, this blog is still under renovation. We decided to just refurbish this blog, post updates as frequent as possible (WILL TRY!) for the time being until my website is up and running. But I haven't been MIA from social media this whole time, obviously. I've been more active on Facebook (like it if you haven't!) 'cause it's much easier to post updates while I'm in overseas conducting classes and well, everyone is pretty much on Facebook. Need I say more? 

Anyway, I've been traveling overseas to teach almost every month - mostly in the Asian region. If you've been following me on Facebook, you can see that Hong Kong is like my second home already. Really looking forward to conducting classes in the Western side of the globe (hit me up at mimilmk68@gmail.com if I haven't been to your country!) And since I was hardly on ground, I haven't had the chance to take any cake orders for quite some time. My sincerest apologies to all my loving customers who's been trying to place a cake order for throughout the couple years.

And a quick update on some work I've done in 2014 but did not post up here,



from Despicable Me


Presently, I've been designing new cakes to be included in my cake courses. These designs can be for cakes-to-order too, it really depends if I'm here in KL to make it for customers. I've been focusing more on making gravity defying cakes, and whenever suitable, I try my best to make it move and play music. Currently I'm planning out some new designs that can do more than just stand, spin, make music, and still be an edible work of art. But yep, a work in progress! Be sure to follow/like my Facebook page to check out my latest cakes and workshops! I also post some updates on my personal Instagram: @mimiliew . Will set up a PassioNate Cakes Instagram account soon, and you can follow that account once it's up and running. In the meantime, follow me @mimiliew . 

More pictures from 2015 in my next post! Stay tuned ;)