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My 1st wedding cake competition entry...

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This is my wedding cake entry for my 1st time in cake competition.
It was held in Dataran Sunway Giza Shopping centre from
1st Oct to 3rd Oct 2010 organised by ICCA Malaysia.
I am glad i participated this competition even though i didn't get
anything....Correction, i did get something, a priceless experience :D
I learnt a lot from this competition, especially from the judges comments....
( the main judges were: Eddie Spence MBE <> ; Debbie Brown
; Rose Wallace <>
training manager for Wilton > and last but not least, Rosalind Chan <>)

My two sweetie bride and groom :)
Aahhhh....the popcorn...i squeeze them out with piping bags using royal icing,
then color them with edible color dusting powder to make them look like
popcorn :P
Why i chose this design? Well, i wasn't suppose to do this design,
it was supposed to be another design...
I redesign cos i suddenly thought of making a totally different outlook
cake...i just feel doing something sweet and happy.
This cake represent a blissful love story. Try to figure it out
from the bottom tier onwards, i guess everyone should guess it right :)

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