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Longevity peach with Fabergé egg and 3D life size peach

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This is a special request from a customer from Singapore.
A Longevity cake for their beloved mom's 70th birthday.
The cake was delivered to the Eastin Hotel in Petaling Jaya...ya,
the party was in Malaysia cause most of their relatives are here :)
I was given a list of information of the birthday girl's favorite things and pastimes; and
one of them is the Fabergé eggs...
so I thought i should make a special Fabergé egg with gumpaste
( a special sugarpaste that sets hard ) with a 3D longevity peach
cake in it :)
...and i also made some Peach blossoms by using
a special sugar florist paste from UK.

The whole cake is decorated with brush embroidery peach blossoms and
finished with simple royal icing string work by the side of the cake.

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