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Hello. My name is Liew Man Kwan, a.k.a Mimi. I've always loved baking and cooking; just staying in the kitchen experimenting recipes has always been a joy for me eversince I was a kid. Art, however, has always been my lifelong passion and with my strong artistic inclinations, I find satisfaction in putting my skills into cake art.

Before I ventured into the business of cake artistry, I have been a fast food restaurant manager, a flight attendant and an insurance agent until one day, I realized that I should be working on what I was truly passionate about - Cake Art! In 2004, I decided to enhance my basic knowledge on sugar art. I attended a basic cake decorating class with a lovely couple, Miss Susan McMahon and Mr. Javier Mercado from the U.K. Since then, I continued to practice and created some of my own work. Along the way I completed a Diploma in Professional Wedding Cake Decorating from Squires Kitchen International School of Sugarcraft & Cake Decorating.

Some of my work have been published in Squires Kitchen Wedding Cake Magazine, as well as a couple of local and international cake art magazines. In 2010, I started conducting some workshops at local cake decorating institutions in Malaysia. At present, I have traveled across Asia to conduct private classes and group workshops - besides KL, Sabah and Sarawak, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, India, Dubai and Bahrain. I'm always up for a new destination to share my skills and passion for art. If you're interested in learning or hosting any of my classes, do drop me a line via:

E-mail: mimi.passionatecakes@gmail.com

For any other enquiries, collaborations, brand partnerships, appearances or customized cake orders, do give me a buzz via any of the above methods and let's get the ball rolling!

*Kindly contact me at least 5-8 weeks in advance for customized cake orders