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8 tiers Golden Dragon cake for an Honorable Tibetan Lama

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Specially created for an Honorable Tibetan Lama for his birthday 
held in One World Hotel, Bandar Utama on 8th December 2011.

 Whole dragon body, the clouds and the Faberge egg were airbrushed
with edible 24k gold
 The scales on the body is the most tedious work. I covered 1/4 of the body and my
2nd daughter Noelle Khoo helped me to complete the rest after
much instructions. 
Thanks sweetie :P

 Carefully hand modeled dragon head....another difficult task here....
 The sugar endless mythical knots...

Sugar Faberge egg with LED light fitted inside the egg.
There were also some Swarovski crystals, 
but the light in the ballroom was a bit bright at that time,
so can't see the light and the crystals here :(

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