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Mickey and Minnie wedding cupcakes tower

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Mickey and Minnie wedding cupcake tower commissioned by 
Stephen & See Wan.
 This special event happened at Avillion Port Dickson on 17th September 2011...

 Yep...it was on the beach....beautiful sea view....

 So far the most interesting job for me cos we ( a close friend Vivian and my daughter + me)
 were practically running on the sand to place cupcakes favors 
on every dining table...
 Customized sugar Mickey ( groom )....
 ....and sugar Minnie ( bride )
 Minnie ears and bows cupcakes, requested by bride and groom.
( I normally do not replicate, however i had to follow my customer's request this time )
*Design credited to Sabrina Dunn.*

The sweetest couple :)

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