Monday, January 10, 2011

My Tuscan II mosaic art and White lace wedding cake...

This is the shot appeared in the Signature Wedding Magazine Jan 2011 issue.

The long awaited two of my wedding cakes ;
Van Gogh Tuscan II mosaic art and the White Sugar Lace
wedding cakes specially made for Signature Wedding Magazine photo sessions
on 7th December 2010...
You'll find these photos in the Signature Wedding Magazine January 2011 issue
at your nearest news stands now... :)

** The Tuscan II Mosaic art is credited to Lynn Moor's Mosaic Art **

...each and every piece of rolled fondant is individually cut out
and stick according to Van Gogh's Tuscan II masterpiece...
( in this case, inspired by Lynn Moor's Mosaic art patterns )

..then painted each and every piece according to the Tuscan II art...

Top view....
White sugar lace wedding cake...specially requested by Signature Wedding
for the pure and white wedding theme photo sessions...


  1. Hi there! How much are you charging for the white wedding cake? I love it, it's perfect!


  2. Hi Diana,

    Thank you for the kind words :D I will send you the price to your email :)

  3. Hi, mind emailing me the price of the cake as well? If possible, the price for 2 tiers and 3 tiers...


  4. the white lace wedding cake is GORGEOUS!

  5. Cheers Azira :) Do you like thisone for your wedding?