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Birthday Cakes...

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Tessa's 18th birthday, sweet daisy garden.

Under the sea for Ryan's Birthday.

Cecilia's 21st Pinky Spring Garden birthday cake with royal icing

A carrot banana cake with cheese frosting specially made for Adrianna's mom 72nd birthday, decorated with little royal icing African violets.

This is also a carrot banana cake with cheese frosting except
this time the royal icing flowers are little pansies. Customer's

actual comment...." Your cake was the star of the day, all the cameras were on it instead of the birthday girl...."; " It was cleaned up in no time! Do you still have the cheese frosting left over? My girls love it!"

It was my daughter's 11th birthday wish to bring ' Wet n Wild' memories we had during our Gold Coast, Brisbane holiday back
to Malaysia; but only this time it was on a cake....

The barnyard cake was loved by the birthday boy;

but the Mommy loved it even more....

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